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For Good


Not for Profit Organisation 


Sustainable Fashion Hub


Styling Station is a personal styling service that provides a nurturing experience to inspire confidence in all women while diverting new fashion from landfill.​

We are on a mission to farewell fashion waste - one stylish woman at a time.

When you book a styling session, you will discover your style, take home a brand new outfit complimentary, help another woman access the service, and reduce the environmental impact of clothing.

It’s a win-win situation… Your personal styling session supports others and the environment.


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Your personal styling session.

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Discover your own style and receive a complimentary outfit.

Pay it Forward

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We pay this service forward to a woman in need, on your behalf.

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Sustainable Fashion

1 step closer to a more sustainable future.

One for you.
One for the community
And one for the planet.

Styling Station Retail Store


Purchase high-end designer label items from our retail store.


Every sale contributes to Styling Station's pay-it-forward model to help Women in Need.  

Your love of fashion, helps another woman access our styling service.

Open 9am - 3pm  Tuesday - Saturday


No appointment necessary for

retail store. 

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