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About Us

We believe that every woman deserves to feel spectacular.

Styling Station provides a personal styling service and new clothing to women with heartfelt care.


We aim to inspire confidence, and nurture women in all seasons of life.

What We Do

Welcome to Styling Station where we offer personalised styling services to enhance your unique style, while making you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Nestled in the heart of Milton our team of experienced stylists are dedicated to providing an exceptional service tailored to your individual preferences. 


Our core mission is to deliver an enriching and personalised styling experience, empowering confidence in women of all walks of life. Simultaneously, we champion the reduction of fashion waste by diverting new clothing from landfill, and

by encouraging sound environmental practices within the fashion industry.


Our purpose extends to bidding farewell to the era of fast fashion, as we commit to rejuvenating hope and dignity among women - one elegant transformation at a time.

Our goal is to ensure you leave our boutique feeling empowered, fashionable, and ready to take on whatever the day might bring. Don't hesitate to book an appointment with us today for an unforgettable styling experience!

Those with the means can indulge in a personalised styling session for $120, not only receiving a curated outfit but also contributing to another woman accessing the service. The very clothing that would have ended up discarded now graces women in need, gifting them with a similar enriching experience free of charge. This threefold approach champions the individual, extends a helping hand to those in need, and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to preserving our planet. A triumphant synergy for all.

Here's How it Works

It’s a win-win situation…

Your personal styling session supports others and the environment

Our Community Partners

Community Partners

We are passionately committed to empowering vulnerable women in our community. Through our strong partnerships, we offer hope and assistance when women need it the most.

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Leaders in Sustainable Fashion

Fashion shouldn't cost the Earth

We are bidding farewell to the era of fast fashion, as we are committed to diverting new fashion from ending up as environmental waste. 

This is why we are resolute in offering fashion brands a simple yet effective avenue to repurpose surplus inventory, while weaving threads of positive change within their communities.

Fashion Partners

Our Fashion Partners

Our incredible fashion partners generously donate brand new clothing, ensuring that each piece finds its forever home. Together, we are making a positive impact on both the environment and the lives of those in need.

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Client Review

I had an amazing experience with Styling Station, a women's fashion business that diverts new clothes from landfill and empowers deserving women. The personalized session left me feeling rejuvenated and fulfilled, knowing I contributed to a greater cause. Their sustainable approach and social impact touched my heart. Styling Station is exceptional in blending style, sustainability, and inclusivity. I recommend them to anyone seeking a fashion makeover with a positive impact.

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Carers Foundation Girls after styling session

Women in Need

We provide assistance to charities and community services supporting homeless women, asylum seekers, new refugees, women escaping domestic violence, First Nations women, carers, women living with disabilities and many others.

Women in Need

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