How we are making a difference

Women in Need

We provide assistance to charities and community services supporting homeless women, asylum seekers, new refugees, women escaping domestic violence, First Nations women, carers, women living with disabilities and many others.


Does your client meet at least one of the following high risk referral criteria?

  • victim of domestic violence or home conflict

  • under 18 years of age and living away from home

  • doesn't have enough income to cover daily living costs

  • has mental health issues

  • has learning difficulties or a disability

  • has a chronic medical condition

  • is living in substandard housing

  • is a new arrival in Australia - less than 2 months and has no family support

  • unpaid full-time carer of a family member


щоб зробити бронювання

Ви повинні бути новоприбулим в Австралії - менше 2 місяців і не мати підтримки сім'ї

Якщо ви відповідаєте цим критеріям


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