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About Us

We believe that every woman deserves to feel spectacular.

Styling Station provides a personal styling service and new clothing to women with heartfelt care.


We aim to inspire confidence, and nurture women in all seasons of life.

What We Do

Welcome to Styling Station where we offer personalised styling services to enhance your unique style, while making you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Nestled in the heart of Milton our team of experienced stylists is dedicated to providing exceptional service that caters to your individual preferences. 

All of our new clothing is donated from major retailers and local boutiques helping to reduce clothing landfill. 

Booking a styling session with us helps pay it forward to vulnerable women in the community who deserve a special experience. 

Our goal is to ensure you leave our boutique feeling empowered, fashionable, and ready to take on whatever the day might bring. Don't hesitate to book an appointment with us today for an unforgettable styling experience!


It’s a win-win situation…

Your personal styling session supports others the environment

Our Community Partners

Making a Difference

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Leaders in Sustainable Fashion

Fashion shouldn't cost the Earth

Styling Station provides major retailers and independent fashion brands with an innovative solution to their excess stock while helping women in need.

Currently there is limited opportunity for fashion brands to address the social and environmental issues. We provide a meaningful and effective way for brands to become sustainable leaders with one easy solution.

Our Fashion Partners

Our amazing fashion partners donate brand new clothing so it can find it's forever home. 

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Client Review

I recently had the opportunity to experience the incredible services offered by Styling Station, a women's fashion styling business with a heartwarming mission to save new clothes from landfill while empowering vulnerable and deserving women. My one-hour personal session with a stylist left me feeling not only fashionably rejuvenated but also fulfilled by contributing to a greater cause.


From the moment I stepped into their boutique, I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. The concept of Styling Station is truly unique and inspiring. Instead of mindlessly consuming new clothes, they have created a sustainable and socially responsible approach to fashion. The business acquires high-quality clothing items that would otherwise go to waste and pairs them with women seeking a fashion makeover.


During my session, I was matched with a talented and attentive stylist who genuinely listened to my preferences, lifestyle, and body type. Their ability to choose items that not only suited me but also showcased my individuality was truly impressive.


What sets Styling Station apart is their commitment to making their services accessible to all women, regardless of their circumstances. The cost of the styling session contributes to providing this service free of charge to vulnerable and deserving women. This inclusive approach touched my heart, knowing that my participation directly supports those in need, fostering their self-confidence and allowing them to embrace their unique beauty.

The overall experience was exceptional, thanks to the seamless blend of style, sustainability, and social impact. I walked out of Styling Station feeling like a new woman, wearing an outfit that not only made me look fabulous but also made me feel like I was part of something much bigger than fashion. The positive energy and passion exuded by the team were contagious, leaving a lasting impression on me.


I must also commend Styling Station for their commitment to environmental sustainability. By rescuing clothes that would otherwise end up in landfills, they are actively reducing fashion waste and promoting conscious consumption. Their dedication to the circular fashion movement is admirable, and it's refreshing to see a business that combines style and ethics so harmoniously.


Styling Station is an exceptional women's fashion styling business that is revolutionising the way we approach fashion. Their personalised styling sessions, where you walk out with a complete outfit of three thoughtfully curated items, not only enhance your wardrobe but also contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate world. With their mission to provide deserving women with free styling services, Styling Station sets a shining example for the fashion industry. I wholeheartedly recommend this business to anyone looking for a fashion makeover that makes a positive impact.



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